We Make Your Ideas Real

Discover An Initial Idea

Discovery is the phase of a project where an initial inspiration and ideas occur, and we can determine user needs. Technology, marketing and goals are discussed in depth to define the scope of the project. Designers and other project team members keep perspectives wide to allow a broad range of influences to guide the initial idea, keeping market data and trends in mind. Discovery is based on target audience, short and long term goals, and functional and infrastructure requirements.

Define Business Goals

Interpretation of business objectives and goals in alignment with the needs of the customer is imperative to the project definition and development. We discuss the wants, needs, marketing goals and budget. Findings from the discover stage are analyzed, defined and refined. A scope of work is outlined and customer solutions are detailed. Planning and discovery, project planning and requirements definition are the focus. Definition of business goals is based on project plan, deliverables and milestones, resources, and SEO and ROI analysis.

Develop Key Activities

The next step is a period in which the design-led solutions are developed and tested by multi-disciplinary teams. After requirements are defined and approved, our development team begins the design process. Work is guided by the specifications provided and the budget given, along with the business goals. The design team refines concepts that address problems or issues identified during discovery and definition stages. If problems or obstacles are encountered, we rework things so that the final product is in line with the requirements. Functional and technical design and system architecture guide the work to be delivered.

Deliver The Product

Delivery occurs only after extensive testing and evaluation, and the resulting product or service is finalized. After all design and development requirements are satisfied, the product is then launched. We closely monitor all activities to ensure that any unexpected issues are corrected. We observe the engagement with your live products and services and make any necessary minor changes and improvements as necessary. Delivery of product is based on site upload and database setup, analytics reporting, data conversion, support training and post implementation review.


Our expert developers and designers work with you to design essential pages, add features, and make any necessary changes to style and other areas that need to be customized. We discuss your needs and requirements to understand the customization that needs to be executed. Our expert team gives feedback based on their experience so that best practices are followed. After needs are acknowledged, the design team uses the latest tools to develop your product. Customer feedback is essential, so you are aware of and in control of all steps in the development process. Only after you have reviewed and approved any changes will we deploy your product. Custom business software greatly enhances efficiency and staff productivity for any type of business.