Shika Solutions advises organizations on how they can best use information technology to meet their business objectives. We offer our expert advice on how to implement, deploy, administer and manage IT systems and solutions. To take your business to the next level, Shika Solutions defines the scope, cost and time-frame of the project. Knowing that there will be an impact on business processes and systems, we work with our clients to carefully drive the required changes to the IT infrastructure. Our IT project managers offer expert advisory, technical, communication, management and business skills. With Shika Solutions vision and influence, we support and nurture your company's project from beginning to end and guarantee complete satisfaction. Whether the project is to launch a new product or discontinue unprofitable technology, we ensure that our projects will deliver both on-time and on-budget.

Business Consulting

Shika Solutions helps organizations improve their performance with a thorough analysis of existing business processes. Improvement plans are created to gain external, objective advice and recommendations, and in order to access specialized expertise.

We are knowledgeable of the industry best practices, and encourage organizational change in management and technology implementation, along with aligning strategy development to improve operational services. Shika Solutions proprietary methodology framework guides the identification of any existing problems, and serves as the basis for recommendations of more effective and efficient ways of performing business tasks. By utilizing Shika Solution's business process outsourcing (BPO), your company will increase its flexibility and cost efficiency. Our BPO services are offered on a fee-for-service basis, and we utilize standard technology models. BPO provides your firm with this increased flexibility in its resource management and can reduce overall response times to major company and environmental changes. Shika Solution's BPO allows your company to focus on its core competencies without being burdened by business and technological restraints. Your key employees can invest more time and energy into building the firm's core businesses. We keep a focus on customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence, thereby driving your company's competitive edge.

Process Management Consulting

Shika Solutions can make your organization more agile, achieve operational savings and improve overall customer satisfaction by examining the efficiency and effectiveness of your company's most critical processes. Our goal is to deliver process-based solutions by capturing, designing and implementing transformation initiatives. Quickly automate your business processes and increase productivity using our workflow management tools and integration software packages. Shika Solutions extensive global experience across multiple industries offers your company the ability to create a flexible process platform tailored specifically to your business needs. Our deep industry expertise of business process management enables proactive reactions and rapid responses to improve business performance. We drive value from process optimization by using technology as a starting point to maintain a continuous improvement capability.

Business Services

Shika Solutions business services promote both a customer-centric and business-focused approach to service management. We encourage the alignment of your organizational objectives with your company's IT strategies. From an internalized technology view, we facilitate recognition and support of the customer needs and the delivery of value to the stakeholders of your organization. Shika Solutions guides business towards a more proactive and predictive operating model, rather than the reactive and fire-fighting behaviors common to many business operations. The benefits of utilizing Shika Solutions business services include improved relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues quality service improvements; reductions in cost through improved efficiency and a reduction to technology outages and less general impact of such outage.

IT Strategy

In order to be well-aligned with tactical and operational objectives, businesses need to have a focused and formal IT strategy in place. This roadmap defines how your business should look from a technical perspective. Shika Solutions will guide your firm to ensure that your IT outlook is leverages and well-positioned to support future profitability. Strategy initiatives include IT governance, IT services management, IT process transformation, master data management and open source strategy.

IT Operations

To ensure that your business is utilizing the best technology available in the market, it needs to align with the overall investment of IT infrastructure. The best measurement of IT operations is whether your company's assets are performing and standing against your business goals. Shika Solutions will consult with you to ensure that you are maximizing your IT operations, thereby ensuring that you can focus on your core business vision. We give our clients a customized IT framework that ensures technology will meet their business objectives. Shika Solutions operations expertise includes infrastructure services, quality assurance and systems performance engineering solutions.

Risk Management

Today's expanding global economy demands that businesses function within an intricate network of customers and suppliers. Your risk management strategy needs to address the growing regulatory requirements of security and privacy. Risk management consulting services initiate, manage and monitor changes within your IT environment and ensure strict compliance for these risks. Shika Solutions extensive expertise in business domains and technology platforms include program management, identity and access management, security for web services and SOA, recovery and continuity, physical and environmental security, network security, application and code security, security and privacy architecture reviews, and risk mitigation controls.